Sunday, February 01, 2009

Nearly a year?! How did that happen?!

Okay, so it's nearly a year since i blogged last, crazy, no?

So, i was thinking how i hadn't blogged lately, despite reading several blogs, and i think i should get back to blogging now! *sigh*

Hmm, how do i update for an entire year?!

This could take some planning....


Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Saint Paddy

Hey! Time to party, it's St. Paddy's Day!

Okay, so i missed the parade, and the pop star,

but i did drink some loverly Irish cider, with blackcurrant of course!

Ah, St Patrick's Day in Ireland

for a change


Saturday, March 08, 2008

Scaredy Cat

I'm scared!

I have a presentation to give in front of my school on monday.

The data i have are, according to the comapny that produces the kit i used, iffy to say the least!

Because of the kit design *sigh*

okays so only 6 weeks of work thats seemingly meaningless....

Hmmmm, think i'll have to be vague until i can confirm results!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

rain, rain, go away! come again another day!

Okay, so i used to live on the south coast of England. It used to be relatively windy, rainy and cold.

Obviously i was not aware of actual weather.

Here, where i live now, it RAINS, and when i say rains...... i mean for a full 24 hours. Or more.

Here, it is cold. Bitterly cold sometimes. *Brrr*

Here, it is windy. The kind of windy where if it's in your face, you cannot breathe. If it's behind you, you walk more quickly. That kinda breeze that feels refreshing, once you're indoors!

Okay, so I have been to the gym! I plan to go again, lots! It is fun, especially when it isn't crowded. Although I'm pretty sure three guys were laughing at me running, I'll let that pass and pretend they were laughing at the woman on the bike in front of me who was pedaling at a pace where if she were actually on a proper bike, she would have fallen over for lack of momentum. jeez!

Other brilliant news is my b/f, *R*, has secured himself a PhD post.... at the university I am at! yay! I didn't doubt that he had the potential to do this, but was slightly concerned as we were honest about our relationship and i thought that might have some impact, even on a subconscious level. He found out that actually he was first candidate for two posts, and they asked him to decide which he wanted to be put forward for. He is such a smarty-pants!


Monday, January 14, 2008


I went!

I psyched myself up, got all dressed and trundled down to the gym all ready for the 2.30pm induction session on Sunday..... it was great, no rain, a nice walk through the park, then i was there! yay!

but the induction guy had "gone home for personal reasons". Fine! No problem!

"The next sessions are at 6.15pm Mon-Fri."

"hmm, okay, i cant make that (work) I'll come back next Saturday"

"ooh, actually there is one set for 7.30pm tomorrow"

"excellent, can i book onto that one please?"

and that is how the gym gods smiled on me on Sunday.....

today (Monday)

a twenty minute walk down dark streets (park was locked for the night) and it was raining.

this is how the gym gods chuckle at my expense! hehe!

Anyway, it was cool, the induction guy was a little "straight forward", but when i asked a question at the end he seemed friendly enough. hehehe, new-gym-phobia solved!



Sunday, January 13, 2008

Running? no. Sit-ups? yes.

The running has not been happening. *sigh* I need to do an induction at the gym, which are only done at certain times, which owing to work is tricky. Why do they schedule times so close to normal working hours?! Its not like I can teleport myself there! However, I have devised a plan to get to one this week! yay!

Now for the upside; I have been eating better and doing sit-ups! So even if I haven't dropped weight by running, I certainly feel better in myself, and the sit-ups help no end!

Work is going well, I submitted an abstract for a conference, even tho I don't have the data yet, but I figure it gives me something to aim for! Motivation: to not look stupid by turning up with nothing! It has definitely got me heading in the right direction!

Okay, that's all for now, I have work to do (Yay! Boo!)


Sunday, January 06, 2008

How does time go by so quickly?

Okay, so i'm a bad blogger...

not posting since August is just not on,


I apologise!

thats not to say i havent been reading blogs tho...... ive been keeping up with new campains,
new boyfriends and dieases!, new babies! more new babies! (seriously, how cute?!), general crazy funniness from chicas one and two (in no particular order!), and new house, new shoes, new iphone and the cutest new dog.

So, what do i have to say for myself? well, running has been almost non-existant (boo) but its about to start up again.

I came back from holiday in Morocco mid-september and found i had approximately 36 hours to pack and move for my PhD post.... in Northern Ireland! yay! not a problem, i travel light!

So, i'm now no longer in the south of England, i'm in the North of Ireland! hehehehe! It a bit different here, i moved from a fairly large town, which seemed like a small town to a proper City! yay! this is a good thing because who doesnt love a city?! Plus, it snowed here, and i got to make a snowman this weekend, which i took a photo of but its a bit blurred (stoopid laptop camera!)

I've started my PhD, and am loving it so far, which seems to be at odds from what ive heard from other PhD peeps, which has me a lil worried, ho-hum! But i have myself a fab supervisor and very friendly people who i work with, which makes lab life a lot easier.

My new-boyfriend i mentioned in the last post is now my long-distance boyfriend, which is working out quite well because we still see each other fairly regularly and are in contact daily. And..... *shhhh* he may be coming over here too, depending on his whole PhD-ness.

Will let you know how running goes next post!